New FENIX 3000/4

Pneumatic combination seed drill FENIX 3000/4

The line of FENIX seed drills has increased by a set of working width of 4.0 meters - FENIX 3000/4. The hydraulic folding set provides 3 meters of transport width. Below we present the characteristic solutions used in the latest UNIA drill combination.

  1. Pneumatic seeding system (one unit + one distributor)
    • grain dosing with the help of one seeding unit, driven by electric motor;
    • seeding unit adapted for standard seeds and micro sowing;
    • pneumatic transportation of seeds is provided by a fan powered by hydraulic motor with a flow rate of 16 liters per minute;
    • equal distribution of grain to coulters is provided by a distributor, equipped with COMBI valves for technological paths (grain return) installation;
  2. Complex hydraulics HYDROMAX
    • hydraulic control module with proportional valve provides steady control over oil flow in hydraulic system of seeder
  3. UNI-control driver
    • UNI-control pilot is used for steering of hydraulic systems
  4. Drill-control computer of Muller Elektronik company
    • computer controls the correct operation of the seeder, which e.g. automatically closes the technological paths, shows efficeincy and minimal seeds level;
    • radar sensores driving speed;
  5. Cultivation
    • cultivator equipped with two rows of 485mm discs with maintenance-free bearings, protected by rubber shock absorbers;
    • rear tire roller 910 mm ensures stable transportation (on four wheels) and proper soil compaction before seeding
  6. Disc coulters ‘V-TECH’
    • double-disc coulters ø350 mm in ‘V’ configuration, clamping force 40 kG with 300x50 mm copying wheel are suitable for soils with crop residues, recommended for cultivation in simplified technology;
  7. Large tank for seeds
    • the 3000 liter seeds tank with combination of average working speed about 12 km/h ensures very good efficiency of the seeder;
FENIX 3000-4 aparat wysiewający
FENIX 3000-4 Głowica rozdzielacza
FENIX 3000-4 Hydomax - układ sterowania elektrozaworami
FENIX 3000-4 Przedni Packer 800 mm
FENIX 3000-4 Redlice V-TECH 350mm z kółkiem 300x50mm
FENIX 3000-4 Stabilny transport
FENIX 3000-4 talerze uprawowe 485 mm
FENIX 3000-4 Talerze uprawowe 485mm z łożyskami bezobsługowymi
FENIX 3000-4 Talerze uprawowe zabezpieczone poprzez amortyzatory gumowe
FENIX 3000-4 transport
FENIX 3000-4 wał oponowy 910mm
FENIX 3000-4 włóka hydrauliczna

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