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The largest Polish manufacturer of agricultural machines

UNIA is the largest Polish manufacturer of agricultural machines We produces nearly 25 000 machines per year, out of which over 10 000 are exported to 60 Customers around the world. In order to build them, we use 100 000 tons of high quality steel annually.

Four factories

UNIA produces its machines and agricultural equipment in four factories located in Grudziadz, Brzeg, Słupsk, and Kąty Wrocławskie.

Four factories of one capital group of UNIA cover in total 11.5 ha of production area, employing nearly 1 000 people. Our employees have got to their disposal modern design offices, processing centres and lasers that allow to maintain excellent repeatability of produced elements. The sign of an apple in company logo is perfectly recognizable in many European and world markets, and the Polish farmers no longer associate it only with ploughs of the former UNIA Grudziadz brand.

A wide range of machines

Today UNIA is a producer of a wide range of machines. Our total offer includes more than 700 items, among which you can find equipment for cultivation and sowing, plant protection, potato cultivation, trailers and forage harvesters.

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