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Machine description

Double disc mounted fertilizer spreaders with an innovative auger fertilizer dosing system with capacity from 1200 to 3000 litres and working width up to 36 meters.

Standard equipment


  • working width up to 36 m
  • precise fertilizer dosing system by means of auger
  • hydraulic control of metering unit (auger conveyor)
  • PILOT JOY computer - maintain the preset dose of fertilizer regardless of the driving speed
  • one hydraulic motor for spreading device steering
  • indicator of angle of inclination of the spreader
  • hopper sieves
  • discs for fertilizer made of stainless steel
  • spreading and setting table
  • LED lighting installation
Accesories at extra charge
  • SUPERIOR computer for multifunction control – one hydraulic motors
  • SUPERIOR computer for multifunction control – two hydraulic motors
  • resignation from controller SUPERIOR (monitor)
  • transitional cable (speed sensor from socket ISO 7-pin ISO11786)
  • stainless hopper
  • hopper tarpaulin cover
  • border spreading disc
  • limiter for border spreading of granular fertilizers, mechanically folded
  • limiter for border spreading of granular fertilizers, hydraulically folded
  • limiter for border spreading of granular fertilizers hydraulicaly foldable by means of a Superior Computer (in version with two hydromotors)removable transport wheels
  • PTO shaft (250 Nm L. nom. 840 mm) (MXL 1200÷1600)
  • PTO shaft (400 Nm L. nom. 1205 mm)  (MXL 2100÷3000)
  • chassis to the spreader
  • ladder and platform for spreader chassis
  • mudguards for spreader chassis


 MXL 1   SDS - Screw Distribution System
MXL Series spreaders have the SDS spreading system installed, where control of the fertilizer spreading is performed by change of auger speed. Variable (stepless) adjustment of motor speed and thus variable change of the spreaded fertilizer portion is provided by hydraulic controller.

Spreading discs
Discs LM are equipped with adjustable blades. Various setting possibilities guarantee outstanding precision and reliability of fertilization. In front part of the spreader there is a table settings of blades and spread of different fertilizers

  unia mxl 5
mxl limiter  

enables to gain top precision of spreading by the field boundaries.

Stainless steel hopper
supplied optionally, provides the highest resistance to external factors
  mxl skrzynia nierdzewna
mxl podwozie   Spreader chassis
allows you to work with a large mounted fertilizer using a light tractor.
Transport wheels
A set of transport wheels attached to a spreader makes it easier to maneuver the machine on a paved square and accelerates machines assembling to tractor.
  mxl kola transportowe
PILOT JOY computer 
 mxl pilot joy
  • Monochromatic display (3'')
  • Ergonomic shockproof housing
  • Intuitive operation
  • Easy assembly in the cabin
  • Graphic functions
  • Calibration function

In addition, the computer enables:

  • quick change of the sown dose in the range of -50% to + 50% every 10%
  • indication of the minimum level of fertilizer in the hopper
  • rotation speed control of spreading discs
  • measurement of the productivity achieved in ha/h
  • indication of working time, driving speed, errors
  • statistics for 10 fields
SUPERIOR computer
  • Colour touchscreen (5,7")
  • Operating of  dualmotor dosage apparat, independent dose controlling for left and right side of sowing
  • Calibration function

In addition, the controller allows:

  • control via the touchpad or joystick
  • quick change of the distributed dose of -45% up to 45% every 5%checking of the fertilizer presence in the hopper
  • checking of rotation speed of the spinner discs
  • measurement of the covered area with the precision to 1 m2
  • measurement of the productivity achieved in ha/h
  • measurement of the above values for one of five fields
  • checking of operation of all sensors
  • reports from the operations performed – data transfer to the computer (USB port)
mxl superior
Specyfikacja techniczna
 MXL 1200 1600 2100 3000
Hopper capacity [dm3] 1200 1600 2100 3000
Working width [m] to 36 to 36 to 36 to 36
Length / Width / Loading height [m] 1,5 / 2,2 / 1,25 1,5 / 2,2 / 1,41 1,67 / 2,67 / 1,42 1,67 / 2,67 / 1,62
Power demand [KM] 80÷90 90÷100 120÷140 od 180
Weight of machine [kg] 382 408 580 600


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