We extend our offer with HDC series workpieces, these are technologically advanced elements with cemented carbide with four times longer working time.

Cemented carbide, in the industry called “WIDIA.
The term derives from German “wie Diamant,” which means “like a diamond.” It is a tool material obtained by powder metallurgy methods from metals’ carbides.

Minced carbides are compressed
under high temperatures and pressure. Cobalt is the connecting element and carbides also consist of e.g. tungsten, titanium, niobium, chrome and nickel.

By introducing such a technology into our operating elements, we  would like to offer our customers the highest quality and four times longer working time with the lowest possible degree of wear of the operating elements, determined by the conditions and structure of the soil, guaranteeing uniform wear over its entire surface.

Offered in KOS PREMIUM, CROSS, AND CROSS HP cultivators for simplified tillage will be available as an equipment option at an additional charge. We will successively implement it to other machines, such as KOS, HAWK, HARRIER, AND KRET.

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