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Regulacja śrubowa
Regulacja hydrauliczna
Machine description
Standard equipment
  • hitch axle ø70-825/ø28 (version 4 / R 4)
  • hitch axle ø70-965/ø36 (version 5 / R 5)
  • 120×120×8 mm frame
  • LONG plough body with trashboard
  • bolt protection
  • non-stop 7-leaf spring protection (version S)
  • adjustable ploughing width: within the range 35÷50 cm
  • rubber support wheel, size 10.0/80-12
  • ø480 mm coulter disc with bolt protection
  • ø480 mm coulter disc with spring protection (version S)
  • turnbuckle (TUR 4)
  • beam tilting cylinder (TUR 5)
  • interbody clearance: 100 cm
  • underbeam clearance: 75 cm (TUR VARIO R) , 80 cm (TUR VARIO)
Accesories at extra charge
  • surcharge for ZX body
  • surcharge for slatted openwork LONG body
  • beam tilting cylinder (only TUR Vario 4)
  • surcharge for knife coulter
  • one extra coulter disc, ø480 , spring-protected, ø480 mm (without 1 body in TUR VARIO R)
  • surcharge for skim coulters for crop residues
  • mechanical beam for secondary tillage tool
  • hydraulic beam for secondary tillage tool
  • spring enhancement with 2 spring leaves, from 7 to 9
  • filter for hydraulic hose
phydregszer Variable hydraulic adjustment of working width.
mechregszer Mechanical adjustment of working width.
long LONG body with trash board
Excellent for various tillage types and for various soil conditions, in all work conditions. The body construction allows layering of
wide furrow-slices under wide wheels of the tractors used today and at the same timeminimizes resistance and the tractor's power
xlazur LONG slatted openwork body with trash board
Excellent for very heavy, clayey and firm soils. It crushes soil very well at reduced resistanceat work.
zx ZX body with trash board
138 cm long body for heavy duty ploughs made of hardened, brittle timber boron steel. It allows full
undercut and turning the furrow-slice of up to 55 cm wide at low tillage resistance.

Bolt protection
an effective protection with a bolt sheared when the ploughshare encounters resistance of 1200kg. This protection can be used on light soils,
stone-free and with small amount of obstacles in the field.

resorowe Spring leaf protection (version S)
A maintenance-free protection made of steel spring leaves that allow effective tilting
of body when the ploughshare encounters resistance of 1300kg and returning to the preset working depth
after the ostacle bypassing. They are recommended for heavy and stony soils, with great
number of obstacles in the field. The resistance force of the protection can be increased by
adding dditional spring leaves (depending on the machine type, 5, 7 or 9-leaf springs are available).
Technical Specifications
 TUR VARIO 4 5 R 4
R 5
Weight [kg] 800 990 980 1170
Power demand [HP] 90÷120 110÷150 90÷120 110÷150

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