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Trailed spreaders for lime and fertilizer RCW, equipped with HELIX beam for precise dusty fertilizer spreading.
Dusty lime is gaining popularity due to its high reactivity, quick operation and atractive purchase prices. In particular, lime supplied by tank cars is characterized by low prices, as well as  convenience and speed of loading. However, spreading of powdered lime on the field requires special solutions. The specific structure of the fertilizer forces it to be spread on the field surface  in such a way to prevent its blowing off by the wind. The RCW spreader equipped with HELIX beam is a response to needs of large farms and companies providing agricultural services where dusty lime is used.  There were introduced many detailed solutions in the spreader, which affect comfort, efficiency as well as quality of operation at all stages, from the moment of hoppper loading.

Standard equipment
  • hopper capacity 13 000 or 16 000 l
  • hopper tarpaulin cover, hydraulically folded
  • connections for pneumatic loading from a tank car
  • belt conveyor
  • hydraulic drive of the conveyor
  • beam for uniform spreading of dusty fertilizer 9 or 12 m
  • spinner discs for fertilizer and lime made of stainless steel
  • mechanical drive of the spinner discs
  • border disc
  • hopper sieves
  • hydraulic tailgate left/right
  • multifunction control w. SUPERIOR computer
  • PTO shaft
  • lighting installation
  • tandem chassis system with spring suspension
  • wheels 550/60-22,5
  • bottom hitch
  • spiral spring shock-absorption of drawbar
  • mechanical drawbar support
  • 1-line air brake system
  • handbrake
Accessories at extra charge
  • device for border spreading hydraulicaly foldable (by means of SUPERIOR Computer)
  • wheels 600/55-22,5
  • 2-line air brake system
  • hydraulic brake system
  • ball hitch ø80

Spreading beam

The HELIX distributing beam is a key element in RCW spreaders adapted for dusty lime spreading. Hydraulically driven augers move with speed of about 160 rpm, distributing fertilizer evenly over the entire working width (9 or 12 m).


Beam suspension

The beam consists of two parts, independently hydraulically folded. In order to drive headland safely it is possible to lift the beam arms to the "V" position, without any need to fold into the transport position.


Distribution adjustment

The adjustable bars of dosing holes allow to set the amount of dispensed fertilizer in such a way, that its distribution is even over the entire working width.


Protective covers

Covers reduce dusting and prevent fertilizer blowing by the wind. During transport they can be rolled up and secured using the expander.


Barriers LH/RH

The independent barrier control allows to spread fertilizer at half of the working width in order to reduce overlays. During single-side spreading an inactive beam part can be folded into the transport position.


Hydraulic drive

The hydraulic drive of belt conveyor ensures a great flexibility of spreading dose adjustment.


Large hopper

The fertilizer hopper with a capacity of 13 000 or 16 000 l is adapted to dusty fertilizers transportation due to its hermetic construction.


Hopper tarpaulin cover

Hopper tarpaulin cover is a standard equipment of RCW HELIX fertilizer spreaders. It prevents dusting of fertilizer and also protects the contents of the hopper from moisture.


Loading valve

Hydrant connections are used for quick pneumatic loading of dusty fertilizers directly from the tank car. One of them redirects the fertilizer to the front of the hopper, the second one - to the rear part.


Tandem chassis

The tandem suspension allows the weight to be distributed over a larger area, preventing excessive kneading of the soil. In addition, it reduces the shocks occurring when driving on uneven fields, stabilizing the work of the spreading beam.


Spring shock-absorption of drawbar

Spiral spring shock-absorption of drawbar reduces the loads transferred to the tractor's lower hitch and increases working comfort.


Spreading discs

The RCW HELIX spreaders in standard are equipped with a disc adapter for spreading of granulated fertilizers and lime, which significantly increases the possibility of using the machine in the season.


The SUPERIOR computer is responsible for controlling of all functions of the RCW HELIX spreader - from keeping the spreading dose to controlling the working hydraulics.

Computer functions:

  • control via touch panel or joystick
  • maintaining a constant fertiliser dosage rate
  • operation of hydraulic folding and lifting of the spreading beam
  • operation of hydraulic functions of the machine (hopper tarpaulin cover, limiter)
  • controlling the presence of fertilizer
  • control of the rotation speed of the spreading beam auger or spreading discs
  • measurement of sown field size with an accuracy of 1 m2
  • measurement of the achieved efficiency ha/h
  • measurement of the size above mentioned for one of the five fields
  • control of the work of all sensors
  • reports on the work carried out - transferred to a computer


Technical Specifications
120 TD
160 TD
Hopper capacity [dm3] 13000 16000
Beam working width [m] 9 / 12 9 / 12
Lime spreading width [m] 8÷16 8÷16
Granulated fertilizers spreading width [m] 15÷48 15÷48
Length / Width / Height [m] 7,1 / 2,55 / 3,26 7,1 / 2,55 / 3,56
Tyres std. 550/60-22,5 550/60-22,5
Power demand [HP] 160 170
Weight [kg] 5000 5200



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