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DF 1,8 V eco

DF 1,8 V eco
Prasa stałokomorowa walcowa DF 1,8 D eco
Prasa stałokomorowa walcowa DF 1,8 D eco
Machine description

Chain & roller fixed chamber baler DF 1,8 V eco

Standard equipment
  • contorller Starter
  • rotor
  • mechanically lowered plate under the rotor
  • discharge ramp
  • mechanical tailgate lock
  • 5-point adjustible compacting level
  • 5-row pick-up
  • rubber-tired ground-following wheels
  • swath compression plate
  • reverse
  • auto lube system for drive chains
  • PTO shaft (6×6, 830 Nm) with overload coupling (M=2400 Nm), wide angle
  • wheels 11.5/80–15.3
Accessories at extra charge
  • applicator of ensilage fluids
  • additional box for the net
  • surcharge for swath compression plate w. ground following roller
  • surcharge for hydraulically lowered plate under the rotor
  • surcharge for wheels size 400/60-15.5
  • surcharge for wheels size 480/45-17
  • surcharge for front steerable ground following wheels
  • surcharge for wide-angle PTO shaft (6x6, 830Nm) with automaatic clutch (M=1900Nm)
  • net binding
  • double twine binding
 rolki3 Chain & roller chamber
– universal baler for collecting all types of materials.
 rotor3 Rotor
– forces smooth flow of material increasing the efficiency of the machine.
 kolo Steerable ground-following wheels
– increase comfort of operations on headlands.
 oppr Lowered plate under the rotor
– comfort and convenience in the event of blockages.
Technical Specifications
DF 1,8 V eco
Type chain & roller
Bale dia. [m]
Pick-up width [m]
No. of pick-up tine rows [pc.]
No. of pick-up tines [pc.]
No. of profiled rollers [pc.]
No. of knives [pc.]
PTO speed [RPM]
Power demand on PTO [HP]
from 70
Length / Width / Height [m]
3,6 / 2,4 / 1,95
Weight [kg]
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DF 1,8 V / 1,8 Vd
DF 1,8 D eco

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