Pneumatic seeders for cover crops - UNIA FP 250/550

Pneumatic seeders are necessary in modern farms, where they can fulfil many different functions depending on which aggregates they will operate with. One of the applications of pneumatic seeders is sowing of cover crops. Pneumatic seeders are then most often mounted on stubble cultivators or disc harrows. UNIA latest offer in this segment of machines is UNIA FP 250/550 pneumatic seeders.

FP 250 17

The new UNIA FP seeders are offered with an electric fan drive, which enables sowing up to 6 meters of working width. Precise metering of seed material is carried out by the sowing shaft. UNIA FP seeders are equipped with two sowing shafts in standard, adapted to sowing fine and coarse seeds.

FP 250 8aparatów

The use of pneumatic hoses and 8 scatterers allows for even distribution of seeds just above the ground, which guarantees precise seed placement when sowing cover crops, sowing grasses, broadcast sowing, etc. FP seeders guarantee good efficiency thanks to the usage of large seed hoppers. Depending on the needs, hoppers with capacity of 250 or 550 litres are available.

FP 250 rozpraszacze

In standard equipment the FP seeder is operated by the STARTER FP controller, while as an option, for an extra charge, you can get the PILOT FP controller with one of the three motion sensors: sensor on wheel, GPS sensor and a sensor - 7-pin cable which reads the tractor speed. The PILOT FP controller allows you to adjust the seeding rate to the driving speed and to control seeding at the headland.

FP 250 KOS premium 7

Pneumatic seed drills enable precise lateral distribution of sown material over the entire working width. Accurate sowing is possible regardless of the strength and direction of wind. A great advantage of FP pneumatic seeders are dedicated assembling elements for most of the cultivating machines offered by UNIA.

 FP 250 KOS premium 18


  • Precise lateral seed distribution over the entire working width;
  • Precise seed spreading regardless of the wind force;
  • Possibility of cover crops sowing, grasses sowing, fertilizer distribution;
  • Dedicated assembling elements for UNIA machines. When buying our seeder, the customer receives complete equipment needed to mount the seeder on exact machine: incl. assembly elements with a platform and a ladder, separators, shaft for scatterers assembly, appropriate length of hoses transporting seeding material;
  • Possibility of introducing extensions (e.g. increasing the number of sowing sections to 16 outputs);

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