Time for aftercrop seeding ...

After harvest many farmers decide to seed aftercrop. It can be done in several ways, but it is best to use special seed drills.

UNIA – has got in its offer two solutions for aftercrop sowing: mechanical ALFA model and pneumatic ETA.

ALFA can be used both for seeds sowing as well as for spreading of fertilizer to width of 2,2 up to 4,0 m. The seed drill is available for assembling on tillage tools and in the front suspension configuration to the tractor. ALFA is equipped with so-called "fuzer" sowing apparatus where the dose is adjusted by pulling the shaft on which the apparatus is mounted. Some models are offered with a guide bar that affects the accuracy of seeds distribution. ALFA seeders use the spur wheel as a drive device. ALFA's great advantage is the range of assembling attachments for various machines: skimming units, disc harrows, grain seeders (grass sowing), or version for tractor front linkage (fertilizer spreading).

ETA pneumatic seeders are offered with 200 or 500 liters tanks and are especially recommended for mounting on cultivating machines, which are hydraulically folded to transport position. Seeder allows to distribute seeds up to 12 m wide. The dispenser and blower drive can be hydraulic or electric depending on the size of tank and the size of machine on which this unit is mounted. ETA 500 hydraulic seeder can be equipped with 8 or 16 scatterers (recommended for width over 7m). The seeder can be controlled by two types of computers: TYPE 3.2 (standard) is responsible for constant seeds distribution at a certain speed; and another one - TYP 5.2 – optional equipment -   with a speed sensor allows for uniform dosage of seeds regardless of speed.

We kindly encourage you to get acquainted with details of our aftercrop seeders offer.

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