UNIA is a constantly growing, that is why in this website you can find all the important information related to our Company. You may learn about new products, promotions, or upcoming fairs, namely everything important that is happening in UNIA.


What's new?

NOWOŚĆ - UNIA STRIP TILL Technologia STRIP TILL czyli uprawa pasowa jest od 50 lat stosowana w Ameryce Północnej i Ameryce Południowej. Coraz popula... Read more
AGRITECHNICA 2017 - HANO... Already from the 12th till 18th of November 2017 we invite you to the international exhibition AGRITECHNICA 2017, which takes plac... Read more
25-09-2017 AGRITECHNICA 2017 - HANO...
Lime spreading – first o... Acidification of the soil is a continuous process on which we could have no influence as farmers. Acidification is caused by: cal... Read more
16-08-2017 Lime spreading – first o...
Time for aftercrop seedin... After harvest many farmers decide to seed aftercrop. It can be done in several ways, but it is best to use special seed drills. U... Read more
04-08-2017 Time for aftercrop seedin...
New FENIX 3000/4 Pneumatic combination seed drill FENIX 3000/4 The line of FENIX seed drills has increased by a set of working width of 4.0 meters... Read more
22-05-2017 New FENIX 3000/4
New FENIX 3000/6 FENIX 3000/6 semi-mounted combined cultivator and seed drill  Cultivator A front-mounted drag with spring arms ended with r... Read more
24-04-2017 New FENIX 3000/6
ROOK - new line of revers... ROOK - new line of reversible ploughs In the new line of reversible ploughs ROOK the centre of gravity has been shifted closer to... Read more
24-04-2017 ROOK - new line of revers...
New lime and fertilizer s... The biggest producer of agricultural machinery in Poland – UNIA – has expanded its offer of lime and fertilizer spread... Read more
30-03-2017 New lime and fertilizer s...

Upcoming fairs

AGRITECHNICA 2017 - H... Already from the 12th till 18th of November 2017 we invite you to the international e... Read more
12-18 / 11
AGRO SHOW 2017 AGRO SHOW Bednary 2017 Jesteśmy NAJWIĘKSZĄ rolniczą wystawą plenerową w Europie. AGR... Read more
22-25 / 09
AGRO SHOW 2016 Międzynarodowa Wystawa Rolnicza AGRO SHOW organizowana jest przez Polską Izbę Gospoda... Read more
23-26 / 09
TECHAGRO BRNO               Zapraszamy na Targi TECHAGR... Read more

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